Applications close June 27, 2021

July 2 - August 1, 2021

About ETHOdyssey

The mainstream is waking up to the wonders of the blockchain. With more eyes on the ecosystem than ever before, this is an unparalleled opportunity to build the decentralized applications that the masses will use.

Get ready for ETHOdyssey: A Global Ethereum hackathon part of the ETHIndia Online series!

  • Learn all about the latest in the ecosystem, including the exciting worlds of DeFi, Oracles, Meta transactions, and of course, the talk of the town NFTs!
  • Get access to mentorship from the best in the industry!
  • Win over $20,000 in bounties for your efforts!

Note: Participation in the virtual hackathon is by invitation only based on application evaluations.


Everyone is welcome to participate, be it students, professionals or turing-test certified androids. Participation is based on interest in Ethereum and ability to BUIDL - whether that’s writing software, designing beautiful UX, product management, or something else entirely.

The applications will close on April 18th at 11:59 PM (IST).

We’re looking for people who "do"! Folks who are passionate enough to work on crazy world-changing ideas. Tell us what makes you apply to the EtherPunk hackathon, what excites you, accomplishments you are proud of and whatever else you think can strengthen your chances of acceptance. We’ll get to know more about your abilities from the past projects, GitHub profile, participation/awards in other hackathons.

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Participation in the hackathon is completely free.

This is an Ethereum themed hackathon which means only projects utilising the Ethereum blockchain are expected to be submitted in the hackathon. Eligibility for bounties on offer will be determined by incorporation of sponsor APIs/platform in your hackathon project.

Yes! We encourage hackers of all experience levels to apply. We'll have blockchain and Ethereum 101 sessions along with dedicated mentorship sessions for beginners.

Yes! The question asking about an idea that can be built using Ethereum is an evaluation metric and unrelated to the final project you end up building.

You are free to build on any idea you wish to on Ethereum once accepted, even if it is different from the idea you have mentioned in your application.

Yes, you can submit projects in teams of 1-5 people. Most teams aim to have a mix of people with both design and developer skills.

You can reach out about further questions on the Telegram group or on

Speakers and Judges

Applications close June 27, 2021

July 2 - August 1, 2021